Anna Garbier & Lan Zhang

Little Experiments in Wordplay

A collection of rapid prototypes exploring natural language as a material for computational play.

If Sol Lewitt Wrote Ditties

Sol LeWitt wrote instructions for generating drawings. This project, If Sol LeWitt Wrote Ditties, generates Sol LeWitt-style instructions for language generation. Go to live page.


Imaginary Dutch Masterpieces

A series of context-free grammars weave togther a dozen ekphrastic texts from The Met's Dutch Masterpieces collection. The result? An improvised set of fictional remixes to ponder. Made using Go to live page.


Naive Thesaurus

A recursively naive thesaurus. When "Synonym-ize" or "Antonym-ize" is pressed, each word in the text box is replaced with a random synonym or antonym from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, if one is available. Go to live page.


NLP Draw

A lightweight prototype of a language-based drawing tool. This JavaScript interface accepts natural language text like "draw a big blue square in the top left" or "make a tiny triangle", and generates a corresponding drawing on the screen. Go to live page.


Met's Lake a Spoonerism!

Quite simply, makes a spoonerism. Go to live page.


P5.js Code Generator

A context-free grammar generates nearly infinite variations of functional P5.js code. The top image is an example of generated code. The bottom are outputs that result from generated code.



By Anna Garbier